The Sacred Journey from Chaos to Calm


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Praise for Catching Your Breath

Steve Austin knows the wounds of hell about which he writes so movingly in this book. In the case of every wound he knows, Steve has turned that wound into a source of healing power. That is why he is one of the most mobilized, energized, walking witnesses of New Life I have ever known. Now, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a hefty dose of New Life for yourself in his words.
— Rev. Ed Bacon, Author of "8 Habits of Love"
There are two things that make Steve Austin’s voice unique and worth hearing. First, he’s been through hell and come back with the kind of hopefulness that is as contagious as it is compelling. People are always better for having encountered such people. Second, he’s candid. He says the thing that so many are thinking but are afraid to say, and shares the details of the story that others would hide—and he does all of that without being smug or self-aggrandizing. On the contrary, Steve’s candor is tempered by a grace and compassion that makes it safe for others to be honest about what they’re experiencing and to also encounter hope. In Catching Your Breath, Steve offers himself as a companion to those who feel like they are drowning, not as a lifeguard but as a coach saying ‘Hey. You can swim!’
— Andre Henry, Managing Editor, RELEVANT Media Group
Steve Austin has done it again. Catching Your Breath is a truth-telling memoir about being truly human. In our “fake-it-till-you-make-it-world” of 24/7 shiny posts that fuel our perfectionism, Austin delivers courageous medicine: we are all broken - and more important, we are all beautiful, valuable, unique, and connected. Instead of hiding, Austin calls us all to the table and asks us to catch our breaths in order to be vulnerable—together. What a gift!
— J. Dana Trent, author of "For Sabbath's Sake"

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“What a beautiful gift this book is for those of us living in today’s world. Steve’s wholehearted vulnerability invites us to question the often-glorified and addictive pattern of chaos, constantly going, unhealthy striving, achieving to avoid pain, comparing, and the illusion of control. We get one sacred life and what we do with this time matters. For this reason, I am deeply grateful for Steve’s willingness to share his story as a reminder that we can’t always control what happens in life, but we can often control how we respond to others, events, and situations in life. It is in this subtle shift of control that Steve unpacks how we can ultimately move from chaos to calm along this sacred journey.
— Holly K. Oxhandler, PhD, LMSW, Baylor University
A Siberian elder once wrote, ‘If you don’t know the trees you may be lost in the forest, but if you don’t know the stories you may be lost in life.’

A lot of us feel lost in life because we either don’t know or else can’t admit to our own story. As a result, life can hurt so much we find ourselves wondering if it’s worth it. We feel crippled, as if some kind of highly personalized Kryptonite is slowly destroying us. And there is, a Kryptonite that is emotionally powerful enough to seduce even the strongest willed into believing lies about themselves and others, lies that can cripple and destroy, lies that force us to hide behind gleaming smiles on the outside while inside we feel as if our life is going up in flames and no one else can even hear the fire alarm ringing.

Steve Austin understands that Kryptonite can only be conquered using the superpower of words––the words that we speak to others and the words that we speak to ourselves. In Catching Your Breath, he helps the reader learn to use words as a weapon to tell their own story, thus lancing the festering boil of anxiety and neutralizing the power of dark secrets. Most of all, he offers the reader a taste of wildly extravagant grace. If you are among the multitudes who need help to just survive the next 24 hours, this book will be a God-send.
— Dr. Paula Champion Jones, Retired UMC pastor
In Catching Your Breath, Steve Austin has written a treatise for finding our center amidst the frantic pace of today’s world.

So many of us live lives that move too quickly; we are expected to keep up in order to succeed. What happens when going with the crowd is anathema to your personal goals in life? Steve Austin recounts experiences that many might relate to. Be still and know that Spirit exists within each of us. We just need to slow our lives down so our dreams can catch up.

I am honored to recommend this book to people who feel burnt out, used up and lifeless. Catching Your Breath can feed your creative spirit again, and provide fuel as you move, at your own pace, going forward.
— Rev. Andrea L. Stoeckel
catching your breath

Have you ever had the feeling that the air is too thick, that it is dense and not filling your lungs correctly? Does it feel like you’re drowning in a bottomless pool of water, your legs tiring from treading water? If you’re longing for someone to permit you to pause, be still, be silent, and catch your breath, then you ought to read Steve Austin’s latest book.

Catching your Breath urges you to take stock of your life and shed some of that unwanted heaviness. Through personal narrative, plus his training as a life coach, Austin masterfully leads the reader through the seemingly overwhelming task of finding calm, making the transition achievable and maintainable. This book empowers the reader to approach their journey with acceptance, honesty, and patience while journeying toward the calm we all possess. In Catching Your Breath, Austin invites you to slow down and rest, while simultaneously empowering you to reach out and grab life by both hands.
— Laura Cass, blogger & mental health advocate
Steve’s website says “underdogs welcome.” He means that! His life embodies grace and compassion for everyone. He was at rock bottom when he attempted suicide; and since that day, he’s softened and matured and grown and learned and has been sharing his story of messy grace the entire way. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or unsure of how to move forward, I recommend Catching Your Breath! Steve’s story is real, raw, and relatable.
— J.J. Landis, author of "Some Things You Keep"